About Us


Fiveways Ltd started operating in 2010. Our product offering consists of an extensive range of orthopedic spring mattresses, luxurious memory foam mattresses, and lavish memory foam & fibre pillows.


Why Fiveways Ltd?


The mattress is the heart of your bed and the part of the purchase you should spend most time and money on. With this in mind, we at Fiveways Limited have endeavored to use the latest technology, best materials and designs to create sophisticated products that provide our customers with high quality sleep, enhanced support and increased durability.


Our Mission:


“To offer everyone an opportunity to improve their standard of living by providing them access to the highest quality products at competitive prices”


In line with our mission, we always scrutinize our suppliers from the raw materials they use, their processes, and most importantly the finished goods that we purchase. This is to ensure that our customers remain satisfied and confident in buying a Fiveways product.


Sleep is essential as we spend one third of our lives sleeping!


Need we say more?


Our Leading Brands:

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