The mattress is the heart of your bed and the part of the purchase you should spend most time and money on. With this in mind, we at Fiveways Ltd have endeavored to use the latest technology and designs to provide our customers with enhanced support, increased durability to provide you with the most superior sleep systems from Bonnell Spring, Pocket Spring, Orthopedic & Memory Foam Mattresses.

Bonnell Spring Mattresses


Bonnell springs are a knotted, round-top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil. When laced together with cross wire helicals, these coils form the simplest innerspring unit, also referred to as a Bonnell unit.


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Pocket Spring Mattresses


The pocket spring system is one of the greatest innovations in the bedding industry. Unlike  the Bonnell springs, pocket springs are barrel shaped ,  placed in their own fabric pockets.


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Memory Foam Mattresses


Memory Foam developed by NASA is a temperature sensitive material which has a open cell structure that reacts to body heat and weight by 'moulding' to the sleeper's body.


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